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Water bills collection service

Water bills collection service

First: The documents to be attached by the applicant:

There is no

Second: The information required to be entered by the applicant:

Required personal data:
Triple name in case there is no invoice
Service related data:
counter number

Third: Service requirements:

There is no

Fourth: Conditions for receiving the service:

There is no

Fifth: Documents to be received upon delivery of the service:

There is no

Sixth: Service Fees:

drawing type         Fee value/SYP         Type of fee

Homs City Council           150 SP             (service allowance)

Total 150 + invoice value for SYP

Seventh: The course of the transaction and the times:


Enter the invoice number, print it, and take its value from the citizen


Eighth: Service completion time:

5 minutes

Ninth: Method of Receipt:

from the center

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