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Traffic facilitation request processing guide

Traffic facilitation request processing guide
1-Service progression mechanism:
1. The citizen applies to the single window to obtain an application form
2. The citizen fills out the approved application with the required data and attaches the necessary documents
3- The request is referred to the director of the public services center (the head of the window) to sign the authorization and refer it to the Homs Governorate Police Command or the Military Security Committee, according to the place of distribution
2-Documents required to obtain the service:
Invoices of materials to be transferred – commercial register – profession practice paper – administrative license.
3-Approved forms and forms:
The form for facilitating the passage of a vehicle to distribute (food – commercial) items
4-Fees incurred for obtaining the service:
Financial stamp 25 SP + 50 war effort + 10 reconstruction + 500 SP (service allowance)
5-Average time to receive the service: 1 day

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