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Service Order to install a home commercial electric meter

Service Order to install a home commercial electric meter

First: The documents to be attached by the applicant:

A copy of the identity card

Duly attested residence document

nearest neighbor invoice


Second: The information required to be entered by the applicant:

Required personal data:
Full Name
the ID number
Telephone number
Detailed address
Service related data:

There is no

Third: Service requirements:

That the meter belongs to the owner of the property or a relative of the first degree

Fourth: Conditions for receiving the service:

relationship owner

or legal agency or assets and branches

Fifth: Documents to be received upon delivery of the service:

There is no

Sixth: Service Fees:

Fee value/SYP             Type of fee

25                               money stamps

20                             character reconstruction

20                              stamps of a martyr

380                             service allowance

Total 450 SP

Seventh: The course of the transaction and the times:


Required documents are received, registration and an advance is received
Detecting the location of the counter
Receive the full price of the meter
Receiving the meter from the Electricity Corporation

Eighth: Service completion time:

2 days

Ninth: Method of Receipt:

The meter is received from the Electricity Corporation

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