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Military family services

Military family services
1-Detailed Service:
1. Granting an honor card to the families of the martyrs.
2. Granting documents (martyrdom – loss – total disability – relative disability).
3. Scholarships for students with martyrs’ families.
4. Comparison of martyrs’ families.
5. Financial aid is provided once to the families of the martyrs.
6. Transfer requests from a ministry to a ministry + a request for a military release.
7. Application for employment for widows + sons of martyrs.
8. Transferring the files of the families of the martyrs, the wounded and the missing from one governorate to another.
9. Real estate bank service (opening accounts for martyrs’ families + settlement of salaries + issuance of bank cards).
10. A statement of the salary for the heirs of the martyr.
11. A detailed statement of the pension of the martyr’s heirs.
12. Changing the exchange point from one bank to another.
13. Suspending the car or housing deduction for the martyr.
14. Change of guardianship due to the death of the grandfather or guardian.
15. Amending the pension of a single martyr.
16. Losing pension vouchers and re-disbursing them.
2-Fees for this service:

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