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Industrial licenses treatment guide in the General Secretariat

Industrial licenses treatment guide in the General Secretariat

1- Service progression mechanism:

industrial licenses
industrial licenses

2-Documents required to obtain the service:
1. A valid (recent) real estate registration statement or a rental contract for the property.
2. The book of the Water Corporation shows the distance from the state’s wells.
3. A letter from the administrative unit showing the location of the property in relation to the organizational chart and the protection zone.
4. An area plan showing the exact location and dimensions of the property.
5. Non-judgment document – Non-employee document.
In order to obtain a decision to establish and equip, the following

2-Documents must be completed:
1. Engineering drawings duly certified by the Engineers Syndicate.
2. An appropriate environmental study duly certified by the Environment Directorate.
3. An industrial decision from the Directorate of Industry.
4. All required approvals from public authorities.

3-Approved forms and forms:
Application form approved in the General Services Center (single window).
4-Fees for obtaining the service:

25 SP financial stamp + 50 war effort + 500 local stamps (service allowance) + 10 reconstruction.

5-Average time to obtain the service:

Two months upon completion of documents

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