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Furniture transfer application processing guide

Furniture transfer application processing guide
1-Service progression mechanism:
1. The citizen submitted a request to move furniture in the one window
2. Show identification papers to the employee concerned with the requests to move furniture
3. The employee checks the documents, prepares the request and puts the furniture to be transferred in the original
4. Refer the application with the supporting documents to the Director of the Public Services Center (the head of the window) for verification, signature and sealing
5. Presenting the document in its final form to the citizen
2-Documents required to obtain the service:
Evidence of usufruct of the property (title deed – sale, lease, mortgage or definitive sale contract – real estate registration statement – police control – residence document from the district’s mayor proving that its owner resides in the district in the period before the events)
3-Approved forms and forms:
The electronic form for requests to move furniture is printed upon submission – a paper form to be submitted in the event of a power outage in order to ensure the citizens’ time during times of power outage.
4-Fees incurred for obtaining the service:
25 SP financial stamp + 50 war effort + 50 local stamp (service allowance) + 10 reconstruction.
5-Average time to obtain the service: ten minutes

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