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Financial statement and clearance service

Financial statement and clearance service

First: The documents to be attached by the applicant:

ID card (for clearance)
For statement of receivables: title deed or real estate registration statement (renovation permit – commercial register – licenses)
Request form in case (renovation permit – closure of shop)

Second: The information required to be entered by the applicant:

Required personal data:

Full Name

Mother’s name

the address

Service related data:
Block number

Third: Service requirements:

The validity of the data entered is the responsibility of the applicant

Fourth: Conditions for receiving the service:

Verify that the recipient is one of the authorized persons to obtain this service

Fifth: Documents to be received upon delivery of the service:

There is no

Sixth: Service Fees:

The authority to which             the fee is transferred / SP                Type of fee

Homs Finance   Directorate                           35 SP                                          financial stamp

Finance Directorate                                         50 SP                                               war effort

Homs Finance Directorate                            40 SYP                                            Reconstruction

Homs City Council                                          275 SP                                           service allowance

Total 400 SP

Seventh: The course of the transaction and the times:
The citizen submits the required documents
The employee enters the required data into the program
Print the required document
Giving a receipt for the fee
Delivering the service to the citizen

Eighth: Service completion time:
5 minutes

Ninth: Method of Receipt:
from the center

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