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Evident force removal treatment guide

Evident force removal treatment guide
1-Service progression mechanism:
1. Request from the Public Service Center (single window) with all identification papers
2. Referral to the Directorate of Legal Affairs to study the request
3. Correspond to the police command to investigate the existence of a case of apparent rape
4. It shall be returned to the governorate, indicating whether or not there is a clear case of usurpation
5. In the event of explicit usurpation, a decision is issued by the Governor to remove the usurpation
6. Referred to the provincial police command to implement the governor’s decision

2-Documents required to obtain the service:

A copy of the identity – a real estate registration statement or its equivalent, which proves the owner of the disputed property, provided that it is duly certified – security approval

3-Approved forms and forms:
The approved application form in the single window

4-Fees incurred for obtaining the service:

25 SP financial stamp + 50 war effort + 10 reconstruction + 500 SP (service allowance).
5-The average time to obtain the service:

15 days

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