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Evidence for the application process for securing licenses (booth – gas)

Evidence for the application process for securing licenses (booth – gas)
1-Service progression mechanism:

licenses (booth - gas)
licenses (booth – gas)

2-Documents required to obtain the service:

. Kiosk License:
1. An application form that includes the required data contained within the above-mentioned priority regulation criteria.
2. The applicant’s undertaking (a copy of which is attached) that the family will not benefit from a job opportunity or other project within the privileges that are granted.
3. A recent family record statement.
4. A document proving the testimony of the families of the martyrs and an injury report for the wounded.
5. A copy of the identity card.

. Gas license:
A copy of the personal identity of the civilians or a copy of the martyrdom document for the families of the martyrs.

3-Approved forms and forms:
The approved application form in the single window.

4-Fees incurred for obtaining the service:
25 SP financial stamp + 50 SP war effort + 10 reconstruction + 500 local SP (service allowance).

5-The average time to obtain the service:
Depending on the type of license, it ranges from two weeks to a month.

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