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Death statement service

Death statement service

First: The documents to be attached by the applicant:

personal identification

Second: The information required to be entered by the applicant:

Required personal data:

Full Name
the ID number
the address

Service related data:
There is no

Third: Service requirements:

There is no

Fourth: Conditions for receiving the service:

relationship owner
or agent
Or first and second degree relatives

Fifth: Documents to be received upon delivery of the service:

There is no

Sixth: Service Fees:

fee value /L.S                               drawing type


400                                                service allowance


40                             The National Contribution for Reconstruction – Service Allowance


100                                  local stamps – for service allowance


300                                              money stamps


30                          The National Contribution to Reconstruction – of a financial nature


100                                   local stamp – for financial stamp


70                                        Ministry of the Interior


50                                      financial stamp for the receipt


10                        The National Contribution to Reconstruction – Delivery Character


Grand total: 1100 SP


Seventh: The course of the transaction and the times:


Handing over the ID to the concerned employee
Enter data directly into the special program
Print the required document and put stamps
Management’s signature and seal

Eighth: Service completion time:

5 minutes

Ninth: Method of Receipt:

in service centers.

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