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Compulsory vehicle insurance service

Compulsory vehicle insurance service


First: The documents to be attached by the applicant:

Clearance from Traffic Branch
mechanical card

Second: The information required to be entered by the applicant:

Required personal data:
Full Name
the ID number
Telephone number
the address

Service related data:
Governorate Governorate        – Vehicle Plate Number
Category                                      – Manufacturer
Type                                             – engine power
Year of manufacture                – engine number
Insurance start date                 – Number of passengers
Insurance Expiry Date              – Engine Capacity


Third: Service requirements:

Any person who holds a mechanic’s card has the right to insure the vehicle.

Fourth: Conditions for receiving the service:

There is no

Fifth: Documents to be received upon delivery of the service:

There is no

Sixth: Service Fees:

The fees are determined by the program according to the type and category of the vehicle (public / private / rental ….)

According to engine power and vehicle fee history

Seventh: The course of the transaction and the times:


-The citizen submits a clearance and a mechanic card

-Enter (the governorate – vehicle plate number – category) on the program

-If the vehicle is already insured, its data will be automatically downloaded
-Checking the vehicle data and modifying it when necessary (downloading its data manually if it is not yet insured)
-Enter the vehicle fee date (validity of the license)
-Within the program there are (notes) if the holder of the mechanic card is the owner of the relationship, the / the owner of the relationship / and if the owner of the relationship is not registered / the triple name of the person – the national number – the phone number/
-After the saving process, the receipt is automatically printed
-Take the receipt on the barcode machine to print the insurance contract
-Issuance of the electronic card
-Giving the citizen the insurance contract and electronic card
-The receipt shall be attached to the clearance and shall be kept in the center.

Eighth: Service completion time:

5 minutes

Ninth: Method of Receipt:

through the center

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