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Honoring 300 families of military martyrs and awarding them medals of loyalty

Honoring 300 families of military martyrs and awarding them medals of loyalty

The Governorate of Homs, in coordination with the Directorate of Affairs of Martyrs, Wounded and Missing Persons, at the Ministry of Defense, honored 300 families of military martyrs and presented them with medals of devotion, out of loyalty to their blood and in appreciation of their great sacrifices and giving.

During the honoring ceremony, Deputy Defense Minister General Mahmoud al-Shawa confirmed that no matter what we offer to the families of the martyrs, there is little in front of what they offered the homeland, so they deserved the Medal of Sincerity, because they were devoted with their blood and souls for the sake of Syria.

In turn, the Governor of Homs, Eng. Bassam Parsik, indicated that the martyrs presented the most beautiful images of sacrifice, patience, loyalty, and preservation as part of its program of work, continuing to honor the families of the martyrs in loyalty “for their sacrifices for the sake of Syria’s stability and security.”

For his part, Major General Bassam Berri, director of the Directorate of Martyrs, Wounded and Missing Persons in Syria, pointed out: “Today, we present the Medal of Loyalty to those who taught the world the meaning of giving and giving, so that the homeland remains a symbol of vigor and pride and has become a beacon for future generations. All are safe.”

For his part, the Secretary of the Homs branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Omar Houriya, considered that honoring the families of the martyrs is a message to the world that our martyrs remain in our consciences and the martyrs are immortal because they gave the most precious and precious for the sake of the pride and dignity of the homeland.

During the honoring ceremony, under the supervision of Maestro Hassan Al-Labbad, the Homs Culture Directorate presented a group of patriotic songs.

It is noteworthy that the honoring was in the presence of the Major General, the head of the security and military committee in Homs and Deir Ezzor, the head of the Martyrs, Wounded and Missing Affairs branch in the central region, the Attorney General in Homs, the provincial police chief, the brigadier general, the head of the provincial council, a number of members of the People’s Assembly, the Executive Office, the President of the City Council, and official, civil and popular events.

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