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Homs Governorate Council concludes its third regular session

Homs Governorate Council concludes its third regular session

Yesterday, Homs Governorate Council concluded its third regular session, which lasted for two days, headed by Dr. Saer Khaddour.

The interventions of the council members focused on many important topics of interest to the citizen, foremost of which is finding quick solutions to the problem of money exchangers and increasing their number to alleviate the suffering of retirees, and the installation of electricity meters for citizens to facilitate the return of citizens to their homes, as well as attention to the issue of hygiene and suppression of sidewalk occupancy, as the interventions touched on the reality of water and transportation in Preservation and the need to work on improving them, emphasizing the importance of distributing cement in accordance with specific and clear controls and standards, securing fuel for agricultural tractors and other service issues.

While attending a part of the council’s work, Homs Governor, Engineer Bassam Parsik, stressed the importance of monitoring fires, especially in wheat-growing lands and forest sites, noting that the observation points contributed to reducing the number of fires, as well as the distribution of mechanisms and all necessary measures to reduce fires.

The governor of Homs touched on the issue of activating the detection committees related to the distribution of cement, stressing the importance of coordinating the work of the committees in the provincial council, stressing the importance of coordination between the work of the electricity and water companies to address the water problem.
Eng. Parsik directed the directors of service institutions in the governorate to follow up on everything that was put forward in the session and implement them according to the available capabilities, pointing to the importance of a more in-depth partnership between the governorate secretariat and its council in order to find solutions to the demands and issues and solve problems.

It is noteworthy that a delegation from the Suwayda Governorate Council attended the work of the first day of the sessions of the Provincial Council




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