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The Officers Club and Hotel in Homs


The Officers Club and Hotel in Homs

The Homs Officers Club was inaugurated in 2000. The club consists of four floors
Ground floor: Consists of a reception hall for club-goers, a hall of honor, a meeting room, and management offices.
The first floor: contains: a meeting room for the princes officers, two dining halls for the officers, and a library containing 3000 books.
The second and third floor: It includes hotel rooms and suites.
The club includes a swimming pool for adults and a pool for children, a summer wedding hall that can accommodate 200 people on the side of the pool, and a winter wedding hall that can accommodate about 200 people, in addition to a children’s playground, flower and flower basins along the club, and forest trees around it.
The club is a cultural and entertainment center that provides services to its pioneers of officers and their families, and receives Arab and foreign guests of the General Command. Military and political seminars, shows, and artistic and entertainment programs are held.


حمص - جورة الشياح

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