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Homs National Museum

Homs National Museum

the description:
• The museum is one of the historical buildings built in the French style.
• It is located in one of the most important streets in the city of “Homs”, which is “Al-Quwatli” Street, between the old and the new clocks.

Historical description:
• The Homs Museum was established in 1974.
• The museum includes a group of artifacts from the province of “Homs” dating back to prehistoric times and up to the Ottoman era, telling the visitor that man has lived in this province for more than five hundred thousand years.
• The building was built in three phases in 1922 AD, the ground floor was built to be the headquarters of the municipality of “Homs” and in 1946 AD, according to the documents in the museum, the building was expanded.
• By adding a second floor to it in 1946 AD and in 1963 AD where the last floor was added, and in 1982 AD the building was expropriated by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums within a plan to benefit from the historical buildings, and the building was adopted as a museum for the city.

Museum exhibits:

• Heavy stone pieces and mosaic panels were displayed on the ground floor, and the display helped that most of these pieces date back to the Roman, Byzantine, and then Islamic eras.
• The first floor displayed the pieces in a chronological sequence, starting from prehistoric times until the Ottoman era, where the museum presented an integrated picture of the history of the province of “Homs”.
• Some archaeological sites adjacent to the city of “Homs” presented to the Museum models of pottery and bronze vessels of various use, and these models came from the hills of Lake “Qutaina” and Tell “Shayrat” from the third millennium BC, in addition to models of individual weapons and a set of bronze ornaments and displayed within glass cabinets. Translucent allows spectators to see from all directions.

حمص -شكري القوتلي - مديرية الآثار والمتاحف

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