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like me like you. . . . . A group walk in Homs to raise awareness of autism

 A group walk in Homs to raise awareness of autism

On the occasion of the World Autism Day, the Homs Governorate Cultural, Sports, and Social Club, in cooperation with the Life Skills team in the Homs Culture Directorate and the Executive Committee of the Sports Federation in Homs, held a “like me like you” collective march in the streets of Homs, in the presence of a member of the leadership of the Homs branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, Mufid Masuh, and the President of Homs City Council, Eng. Abdullah Al-Bawab and social and civil events.

The Chairman of the Homs Governorate Club, Waseem Al-Ikhwan, confirmed that the Homs Governorate Club works to support all social activities, especially those related to people with disabilities, and that the sports activities of the Governorate Club are an essential part of supporting social activities and for everyone to be one hand in supporting people with disabilities to be active in society.
The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Homs Sports Federation, Faisal Al-Darbi, indicated that the participation of clubs and sports champions in this path is a social message, as the role of athletes in supporting various social activities.

At the end of the procession, several paragraphs were presented by a number of autistic children in the Spring Association, which expressed their presence and creativity despite their injury.
It is reported that the march started in front of the cultural center and toured the streets of Homs carrying banners expressing the importance of raising awareness of autism.






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